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Healthy Diet Plan for Men

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Healthy Diet Plan for Men

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Diet is the most important part of healthy life for all people .but you know diet is different for everyone means male-female kids etc. Some diet does the same thing in everyone, some diet that has different benefits for different genders effect for gender.

your diet help to keep you healthy and help to make you younger. your diet Fight with many diseases and make you healthy.

Energy Foods For Men

Men has more muscle and them bigger than a woman. its means men body required more Nutriend and supplements whole of the day. Men needs 2000-2800 Calorie per day.

Some Energy food should eat a men such as a  Whole grain, Bread, Rice, Oats, Beans, Fruits, Pasta, vegetables. This all energy food keep you safe through some disease. and all food is high in fibers.

energy foods

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Reference Intake (RI)

Now we will provide you reference intake, you can use this chart as general guidance. The chart shows you the amount Recommended for healthy diet balance for maintaining rather than losing and gaining body weight. The reference intake RI for Fat, Sugar, Saturates, and salt is in maximum amounts. and for carbs & fats are a figure to each and every day. there is no any RI for Fibers but as a health expert advice, we should have taken 30 g a day.

Reference Intake RI

Energy (Kcal) 2500
Proteins (g) 55
Carbohydrate (g) 300
Sugar 120
Fat 95
Saturates 30
Salt 6

Now I will show you a sample of Healthy diet plan meal for 19-50 Year man.

Food Weight Food Group
Whole grain toast 2 Slice toast,2 Tablespoon Butter Grain
Beans One half Canned Beans 1 Vegetables
Tomato  medium Tomato  vegetables
Milk  1 Cup Milk 1 Cup milk/Cheese/yogurt
2.Morning Break
Coffee With Milk 200 ML coffee 1 Fruits
Apple 1 Medium Apple 1 half milk/Cheese/yogurt
Whole Grain


Mixed Salad

65-gram meat/Beef

2 slice bread

 2 cups mixed salad

2 Grain

Milk Yogurt, Cheese

1 Vegetable

 4.Afternoon Break
Nuts 30 G  1 Meat
Coffee With Milk 200 ml  one-fourth Milk/Yogurt/Cheese
5.Evening Meal

Boiled Rice



Any Vegetable

100 gm Cooked Fish

1 Cup Boiled Rice

Half Medium potato

Half cup carrots

Half cup Broccoli

1 Meat

2 Grain

1 Vegetable

1 Vegetables

1 Vegetables


This diet chart plan we have to take from the “Eat for”

Below we have offered guidance, food, recipe ideas and tips for men. This all (healthy diet plan for men) info provide you from our nutritionist research.


Before going office or gym you should take protein-rich foods to your breakfast because during gyming our body wants more energy and those energies occur from protein riching foods such as Egg, Milk, Bread, fruits, oats.

the egg is the very best choice for breakfast because egg provides great quality of protein and fats into your body. Protein breakfast help to promote your muscles recovery and increase to building your body muscles.


Mid Morning Snacks

In the morning you all should eat well snack food because it’s very good for balance energy level. in this time you will choose the best snacks such as a Banana, Milk, Peanut butter and avocado which is supplying extra energy.

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In lunchtime, you take protein-rich and starch carb-rich foods such as fruits juice, beans, rice mixed vegetable salad, whole grain bread, baby carrots, roast beef or meat .carb-rich food supply to much energy to survive middle of the afternoon. Carbs food produces a steady rise in blood sugar. rye bread keeps blood sugar stable for up to 10 hours.

lunch Healthy Diet Plan for Men

Mid-afternoon Foods

Generally, in mid-afternoon, all people want to eat salty savory foods. but you should not eat this crisps spice nuts, seed, and savory popcorn this type of food or snack is not good for health but sometimes you can eat it if you interest on this types of food or snacks. in mid-afternoon, you should eat lower-fat food cheese snacks, yogurt, and vanilla wafers.


Eat oily fish (salmon), Nuts, Seeds and their oil this all essential fat food which helps to regenerate and repair your body overnight along with protein.this is also helpful and important for healthy skin and hairs.

Also eat colorful vegetable salad, brown rice, normal rice, fish, beans and wholemeal and don’t forget to eat fatty food which is a more important diet at dinner.

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Healthy diet plan for men – Veg and non-veg Foods

Veg Foods

  1. Cherries
  2. Avocado
  3. Bananas
  4. Green Leaf Vegetables
  5. Yogurt and Milk
  6. Rice
  7. Nuts
  8. Tofu and Soybeans

1. Cherries- Cherry is healthy and of course, Cherries is delicious no doubt. Cherrie have an anti-inflammatory property because of the containing anthocyanins. generally, anthocyanin occurs in both sweet and tart cherries but in an abundantly amount occupy in the tart cherry. Cherrie very helpful for the treatment of gout and gout mostly occur in men as compared to a woman.

2.Avocado- Avocado contains more fat like olive oil. avocado helps to improve good cholesterol from bad cholesterol. and they also have more antioxidant properties which are helping to reduce cell damage.and also help to glowing skin in a men.


3.Bananas- Banana contains potassium in large amount and they help to strengthen your bone.and banana also help to reduce blood pressure.

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4.Yogurt and Milk- Yogurt and milk is an amino acid and amino acid means it has protein and protein help to increase your muscles.yogurt and milk also have contained leucine in less amount and they also help to grow a men muscles.

milk and yogurt

5. Soybean- Soybean is healthful for men .if you want more protein in your diet so adds soybean on your diet plan. soybean help to low carb heart diseases because of unsaturated fats.

Soyabeans protein rich food


  1. Egg
  2. Fish with Omega-3
  3. Meat
  4. Shellfish and zink

1.Egg- The egg have a protein in a large amount and it best delicious choice for your healthy diet.1 full egg contain 6 gram of protein,63 gram of potassium,6 gram of carbohydrate and 78 calories along with the lutein. they all chemical substance help to maintain the healthy of men. and there is no trans fat in egg.6 gram of carbohydrate


2. Fish- Fatty fish have contain omega 3 fatty acid which is helping to lower your heart diseases. eat fatty fish like salmon fish, halibut fish, and sardines fish they are the safest for men.

3.Shellfish – Shellfish contain zinc in abundantly amount.zinc is required to produce sperm, and it increases up to the testosterone level in men. which is very important for men and it also help to prostate and bone. zinc generally occur in zinc is most important for bone.

shell fish


An everyday diet plan should be different for men. because men body wants more energy as compared to the woman. so the healthy diet is mostly required for men. Men needs 2000-2800 Calorie per healthy diet plan for men is wholegrain, egg, fish, rise, mix vegetable salad, bread, fruits, beans etc.this all food gives you energy and it keeps you safe from many diseases.

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