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Hello readers are you ready for health resolutions
I wish you a wonderful healthy new year.

We hope you all very excited about enjoying the new year and your plan is already planned. We are right? 

If yes so comment fast your new year party plan.

Of course, a new year party is definitely must friends but be carefully mostly we used very junk food at party time and ignore our health, so please we request you enjoy your party with healthy foods and drinks .dont play the game with your health.

Guys you all know health is wealth, if health is good then everything good.

So, guys, you all have taken any health resolutions in this year?

If you take any healthy resolution so share your resolution on the comment box.

Generally, All people take something resolution in the new year. But most people do not take any health resolution, while everyone knows that health is the most important. So guys why you ignore your health.

yoga burn challenge

“let’s take in this new year some common health resolutions.”

Are you ready guys?

Stop to taking to much alcohol

Alcohol is harmful to your liver. If you taking to much hard drink so they make your liver fatty and fatty liver is dangerous to your health. And they also affect your brain, stomach, and heart. Over drinking alcohol leads to obesity and loss of self-control.

We know you are enjoying a new year party and definitely mostly guys will consume to excess alcohol. That is very bad for your health, so we request you please reduce drinking alcohol habits in a higher amount.


Please at the time makes a self promise that you will reduce your drinking habit on this new year. This valuable decision can change your health life.

Delete your stress

Stress is a silent killer. Stress affects your body function at all levels.

They increase the risk of hypertension, depression, insomnia and more diseases. And it causes by long work hours, poor diet plan, little sleep, not spending sufficient time with your family and friends.

Take New Year Health Resolutions & Keep Stay Fit

Do you know your stress level plays with your brain and they increase the overthinking problem. So guys in this new year take a health resolution, and reduce your stress level and keep maintain healthy your brain.

When you start to stress too much so you can start  30 minutes walk and take a deep breath and start meditation.

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Take more sleep

We all know sleeping is very beneficial for our health, please don’t ignore your 8 hours of sleep because if you do not take proper sleep so you invite some dangerous diseases like obesity type-2 diabetes, etc.


And sleeping increases your memorizing power (this process called consolidation). So guys this year you will promise to your self and take proper sleep resolution.

Take health resolutions for your heart

The heart is key to our body, so guys always take care of your heart. Mostly your heart disturbing by our bad diet plan habit, generally we don’t know which types of food disturbed our heart and they create some chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, obesity, etc.


For a healthy heart avoid taking to many oily foods, fried dishes, and junk food and do more and more exercise to reducing cholesterol levels. And the most important thing doesn’t take to much, tension.

Make your heart healthy and enjoy your new year.

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Active your health

Your daily physical activity shows your health condition. And your physical activity totally depends on your diet plan and exercise routine. If your physical activity is strong it means your body is always strong.

Active your health

There are so many ways to activate your health for a whole day. Like doing daily common morning exercise for example cycling, running jogging, etc. And in the morning take 1 glass of warm water and after 1-2 hours take 1cup of green tea this dring will increase your metabolism.

Green tea act as antioxidants which burn your excess calories and decrease the risk of obesity. And green tea maintain your blood sugar level and stress.

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