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What we do for our Readers

Medico IQ Provides Trusted and Valuable Medicals and health information content by Educated Medical specialist, Pharmacist, Nurse, Pathophysiologist.

We help Common people to gain your knowledge for caring and managing your health,

We also Provides a Professional Medical and Health Information and article for Medical students, Medical researchers, and Medical Specialist,

Medico IQ gives you information only for your knowledge and Health Awareness we don’t suggest for self treatment.

 Please don’t Treatment your health without under the suggestion of your doctor.

What is the Aim of Medico IQ

The Aim of “Medico IQ” gives you credible and trusted information in-depth reference content about health and medical topic which is related to human beings. 

Medico IQ has created to Providing a Professionally and Loyal knowledge of all Medical and health info like Drugs and their dosage, Diseases, Health care, Health Conditions, Wellness issue, Child Health care woman’s Health care, knowledge of Nutrient and Supplements, All Medical test etc.

Who we are ?

Sonal ThakurThe Founder of Medico IQ

I am Sonal Thakur the Founder of “MEDICO IQ”
Medicine Content Director, Medicine Content editor, Medical Content Director and Junior Medical Content editor.

As Professional I am a “Pharmacist, and blogger” my main motto of this blog is to administer a valuable information and knowledge about all health and medicals topics content.

I am Graduate with Bachelor of Pharmacy, Currently I am managing a Medical stores and some blog, I have a several experience in medicine guidance and health care guidance.

My sole idea is to provide you trusted, valuable and accuracy Information about health care tip and medicals topic knowledge content to keep health fit and fine.

Shoumya Thakur -The Co-founder of Medico IQ

Shoumy Thakur is Co-founder and Junior Medical Editor.
As a professional she is a “Nurse, Health adviser and health article writer and Medical Content Editor”

She is Graduate with B.sc Nursing. She is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of health information on Medico IQ

 She is like to suggest and convey health info.

Saurabh Banjare -Senior Medical Editor

He is Medical Content Director and senior medical editor at Medico IQ. He is responsible for the Creditable, Accuracy health and Medical Information.

As a Professional he is “BAMS Final Year student and Health content Writer” He is Studying BAMS course. He is Sincere and Good Medical Knowlegble man and hard worker