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Hello, readers welcome to Medico IQ web. In this article, we discuss details of protein and protein-rich foods

What is protein?

Protein is made up of amino acid which plays the main role in biological systems. Protein such as collagen and keratin, they play a function of the structural component of cell and organism. They are highly complex polymer made up on 20 different amino acid.They contain 50-55%  carbon,6-7% hydrogen, 20-30% oxygen, 12-19% nitrogen and 0.2-3% sulfur.

Do you know how much Protein is necessary for our body? Let’s known what is the importance of proteins. Protein is the same as a foundation for the growth of an organ in our body. and its help in making a building block of the organ like skin, muscles, hormones, Hair, And much more matter in our body. Protein is essential to Increase and maintain body structures in exactly the same way as the oxygen is necessary to live. they found in many foods like fish, milk, broccoli, soybeans, almond, vegetables, meat, etc.

For this reason, we should eat protein at every meal.

Function of protein

  1. Protein helps the growth of the body.
  2. They are the main source of energy.
  3. They maintain body tissues.
  4. Protein helps to create some hormones.
  5. They help to transport some of the certain molecules. Example Hemoglobin is transporting the oxygen into the body and this hemoglobin is a protein.
  6. Protein forms antibodies which are helping to prevent illness and infections.


According to NIN (National Institute of Nutrition), the  Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for protein is 1 gram per kilogram of the body weight. So the amount of protein needs to the people per day approximately 46 gram for the woman and 56 gram for man.

Table-(Recommended Dietary allowance DRI) source (Food and nutrition board institute of medicine)                    

For Infant
0-6 Month 9.1 g/day
7-12 Month 13.5 g/day
1-3 year 13 g/day
4-8 year 19 g/day
Adult man
19-13 year 34 g/day
14-18 year 52 g/day
19-30 year 56 g/day
31-70 year 56 g/day
Adult woman
9-13 year 34 g/day
14-18 year 46 g/day
19-30year 46 g/day
31-70 year 46 g/day
Pregnant woman
14-18 year 71 g/day
19-30 year 71 g/day
31-50 year 71 g/day
Lactating woman
14-18 year 71 g/day
19-30 year 71 g/day
31-50 year 71 g/day

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Lots of vegetarian food has riched protein but here is a listed top of 7 vegetarian food rich high proteins. If you want to eat veg protein foods so this all food is best for your diet.protein is the most important key nutrient for growing and maintaining your body health and they required daily in your diet plan.

  1. MILK
  6. OATS


Milk is a highly nutritious and its an excellent source of high protein. Milk has rich highly calcium phosphorous and riboflavin vitamin B12.100 gm of milk can provide approx 27 gm of protein.

Milk protein rich foods


Soybean also A good protein Source. Soybean contains a high amount of protein but they also contain carbs and fat. The 100 gm of Soybean Provide you approx 37 gm of protein. So if you are vegetarian it means its very best for you 

Soyabeans protein rich food


Almond is a great type of tree nut nutrition for high protein foods. almond has a high amount of amino acid.The rich an important nutrients, fibers, Vitamine-E, Magnase, and magnesium.half cup of almond contains an 8 gm of proteins.



Paneer is also the great source of protein especially for vegetarians.because only 100 gm of paneer riched approx 19 gm of protein. So you can you added paneer in your diet either as a paneer paratha, paneer, sandwich, etc. at once a week or daily. 


Broccoli is an incredibly healthy vegetable for vegetarian it’s loaded with fibers Vitamin-A, Vitamin-B,vitamin-C, And’s low in fat. It’s very high in protein as compared to another vegetable.1cup of chopped broccoli riched a  3 gm of protein. And they are very chief so that its take easily daily at your salad.

Broccoli protein rich foods


Oats good proteins source for vegetarians. They are highly loaded healthy fibers, Magnesium Vitamin B1. They are also a source of complex carbohydrates half a cup of raw oats rich a 13 gm protein with  303 calories.

Oats protein rich food


Cheese and Khoa are the good sources of protein for vegetarians..100 gm of cheese and khoa give you 27 gm of protein. Add cheese daily on your bread at a breakfast time and enjoy your breakfast.

What is Protein & Function of Protein? Protein Rich Foods & High Protein food



Various type of vegetarian protein food available but we note that only highly contain vegetarian protein foods.

  1. Eggs
  2. Fish
  3. Shrimp
  4. Chicken
  5. Beef
  6. Meat


The whole part of eggs among the healthiest and more nutrient food. They loaded minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and healthy fats.they are content full of Amino acid iron and Antioxidant.the whole egg is high protein but the egg white is mostly riched protein.

1 egg has 6-7gm of Protein with 78 calories.

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Fish is a good source of protein for loaded important nutrient and it riched very high and healthy Omega -3 Fatty acid its control blood pressure and maintain the heart health.4 Ounces of tilapia fish contains a 28 gm of protein with 144 calories.

Fish protein rich food 


Shrimp is is riched high nutrient selenium and vitamin B-12. but it’s not a riched high calories. shrimp also contain an Omega -3 fatty acids. the 16 gram of shrimp contains a 24 gm of protein with 120calories.

What is Protein & Function of Protein? Protein Rich Foods & High Protein food


Chicken is also a good source of protein. chicken breast has riched high protein and it can help the growth of muscles.4 ounce of chicken contain a 36 gram of protein with 144 Calories.

Chicken Protein rich food

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Beef is a great source of protein but they highly contain iron. Four ounces of sirloin contains the 20 gm of protein with 116 calories.

What is Protein & Function of Protein? Protein Rich Foods & High Protein food


Meat is the most riched source of protein.and the red meat highly contains protein as compared to white meat. and meat contains cholesterol and fats.four ounce of meat contains a 32 gram of proteins.


In this article, we have covered about Vegetarian foods like milk, almond oats, etc. and Non-vegetarian foods like egg, meat, chicken etc.and added a list of the daily required amount of protein for all age peoples. 


At the whole of the article, we cover the importance of proteins. It is like a backbone of our body Without tacking protein food we cant thing good structure of our body because they help to grow our muscles, hairs, organs, etc.

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