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8 exercise to lose belly fat in a week

8 Best Exercise to lose belly fat in 1 week

Hello guys in this article we discuss 8 best exercise to lose belly fat

The fat that is stored around the stomach is considered one of the primary physical traits among people of the present generation. Staying physically fit with a toned-up stomach has become a symbol of superiority in modern times.

Belly Fat is not a result of one day’s activity but a reflection of various aspects that have been in place for a very long time; therefore, it is understood that this fat will not leave the body in a single day. It requires repeated steps and regular management of the lifestyle that includes Best Exercise to lose belly fat & dieting, etc. 

Let us realize that Belly Fat or being physically fat is only a temporary condition and is also a personal choice to a large extent. The lifestyle that we have chosen over the years contributes to our physical state and can be changed by transforming the various dimensions of our daily lives.

Dieting, however, plays an important role in reducing belly fat, but in the longer run, it is advised to reap the benefit of dieting by complementing it with regular exercising.

It is a more sustainable way to get shredded. Here are some of the widely-acknowledged exercises that support the burning of belly fat and help an individual to get quicker results.

firstly we know about belly fat means whats is belly fat and what does it on your body etc.

What Is Belly Fat?

Belly Fat means excess abdominal fat which is covered on the stomach. Those fats have three types

  1. Triglyceride – That fat circulates your blood.
  2. Subcutaneous fat – That fat layer directly below to skin surface.
  3. Visceral fat – This is located below of muscle on the stomach, this is the dangerous Belly fat.

What does Belly fat on your body?

Belly fat creat negative impact on all organ of your body and they cause diabetes, blood pressure, cancer, heart diseases, etc. They produce excesses amount of hormones and chemical which is causing so many types of diseases.

Types of Belly fat

They Are 5 types

  1. Stress belly
  2. Hormonal Belly
  3. Bloat Belly
  4. Alcohol Belly
  5. Mommy belly

1.Stress belly – This belly appears due to stress, and it causes because raise in cortisol level and long-term elevated cortisol level. they located in the front and navel area of the abdomen. It generally highly increases by drinking so much coffee, under chronic stress, irritating bowel syndrome, and taking unhealthy foods.

It can control by starting routine exercise, yoga, eating more food containing magnesium, and reducing the use of coffee.

2.Hormonal Belly – This happens because of hormonal changes. The hormonal belly can get treated by eating avocado, fish, nuts, and doing exercises.

3.Bloat Belly – That appears from overeating, bad diet, and indigestion. bloat belly can relieve by cardio exercise and taking good sleeping.

4.Alcohol Belly – It’s causing by drinking so much alcohol and eating so many fruits, and vegetables.

5.Mommy belly – They cause the post-pregnant woman.The general causes of urinary, stress, and indigestion. they relieve by taking fish nuts olive oil.

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Best way to get rid of belly fat

The best way to get fit from belly fat is exercise and diet. both are most important for reducing your belly fat. now firstly we discuss the best exercise method. we provide you 8 best method …

  1. Mountain Climber
  2. Kettlebell Swing
  3. Crunches
  4. Cardio
  5. HIIT Workouts
  6. Heel-Touch
  7. Planks
  8. functional weight training

8 Best Exercise to lose belly fat

1.Mountain Climber

Mountain climber exercise does not require climbing an actual mountain; rather it is an easy body weight exercise in which the body is kept in a plank position while flexing the knees up to the stomach. This exercise is a mix of endurance, balance, and entire body coordination. It is one of the great functional exercises that help burn belly fat. Mountain Climber doesn’t require any kind of external equipment and can be performed simply at home. 

Mountain climber
Mountain climber

2.Kettlebell Swing

Another functional exercise not only helps to curb body fat but also focuses on the core part of the human body. A heavy ball is attached with a handle, and with the help of its gripping, it can be used to make proper moves. It helps in toning the full body muscles and is preferred by the athletes as one of the core exercises.

Kettlebell swing
Kettlebell swing


Performing crunches is the most common exercise that is universally preferred as it specifically affects the abdominal part. It additionally strengthens the core muscles of the stomach and helps in toning them. However, many people remain confused about the types of crunches and which type is a deal for them.

All kinds of crunches focus primarily on the core of the stomach and help in burning the fat that is stored. Among the various kind of crunches, the better ones are Simple Crunches, Reverse Crunches, Bicycle Crunches, and Oblique Crunches. These can easily be performed by people of different age groups, and machines dedicated to crunches are also easily available in the market.


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Underrated in the present times, Cardio is one of the classical ways to lose belly fat. However, it has been replaced by some modern technicalities, but cardio has several other health benefits as well. A quick session of cardio can be added to the daily routine of an individual, which may include running, swimming, cycling, etc.


5.HIIT Workouts

High-Intensity Interval Training is one of the modern means of attaining results in a short period. This sort of training allows the body to burn extra calories during a given time as the intensity in such a workout is generally high, along with great endurance.


A lot of obese people complain about the fat that is stored above the belt area on either side of the body. This sides’ fat poses some great challenges for a person as this fat is being accumulated for a long period. Heel Touch and Oblique crunches are two exercises that aim to tone the sides of the body, including the rear part.

Heel touch


One of the easiest and effortless exercises that are known for the quicker results. Body Planks involves endurance and continuous pressure on the core muscles of the stomach that helps in dropping the extra fat level on the belly. Planks are also of different kinds like Side Plank, Reverse Plank, Mountain Plank, etc. It additionally strengthens the core abdominal exercises area and helps in toning the stomach.

Heel touch
Heel touch

8.Functional weight training

It isn’t true that lose weight training only helps in enhancing the creative commons body muscles like biceps, chest, back, shoulders, etc., but it also helps in burning the belly fat. The focus of an individual must be to do more repetition as the intensity helps to tone the entire body.

Functional exercises like Deadlifts, Squats, Push-ups, Pull-ups have a great impact on body fat as they help to strengthen the core of the body. Different types of squats like normal, sumo, close help in conditioning the overall body.

One must take great care of the position and body formation while performing these as they are the most complex exercises that can cause injuries. So be careful while doing extensive or complex exercises.

Functional weight training
Functional weight training

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